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As all working parents know, the challenges surrounding childcare do not diminish when their child moves to full time education, sometimes it gets more difficult. Working hours do not coincide with the conventional school day, and school holidays can be the greatest challenge of all!

Ladybirds has created a range of breakfast, after school and school holiday clubs to help alleviate the problem for parents.

We can deliver and collect children from Pilton Infants and Pilton Bluecoat schools.

Children thrive when given the opportunity to experience structured play and mix with other children in a safe and organised environment. In response to this, we offer a range of services for children between the ages of 4 and 11 years.

As children are more discerning and demand a more active and engaging environment at this age, we offer a range of age-appropriate activities with lots of choice, creating many opportunities for fun and social interaction. All of this takes place in a dedicated space that is safe, secure, purpose-built, and with its own outdoor play area.

The children are happy to play with the Lego or share a board game as well as being allowed to play outside on the pirate ship to get rid of some unspent energy! They also enjoy playing alongside some of the pre-schoolers, with the toys or by reading a story to them, which shows their caring personalities and to want to simply play, which all too often is now forgotten within a child’s school day.

Get in touch for more information and to or to arrange for your child to attend one of our out-of-school clubs.

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