Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

If you have a query that is not listed, please give us a call or send us a message.

The nursery can open from 6.30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday – this is purely based on bookings. It closes on New Year’s Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The nursery is open on Good Friday, Easter Monday and public Bank Holidays but operate shorter sessions, depending on demand.

The nursery operates on strict staff-to-child ratios and we are limited to the number of children that can be in attendance at any one time. The nursery will always try to meet your needs for extra time and you should speak the Nursery Manager to see if we have availability.

Yes, though it is important to note that if you do, it is an arrangement between you and the staff member. The nursery does not accept any responsibility or liability for their actions. Babysitting will not be allowed during times the nursery is open.

If your child is sick and has a communicable illness, the nursery is not permitted by Social Services, our licensing authority, to admit your child into the nursery while they are contagious.

We do not have a sick room or any facility in which we can care for a sick child. For situations like this, it is important that you have alternative arrangements for the care of your child, such as a grandparent or a friend.

Yes, we welcome telephone calls at any time from parents and carers. The number to contact is 01271 321333.

We will accept any nomination from you. However, unless you have notified us in advance of that person, we will not release the child into their care. If the person nominated to pick your child up is unfamiliar to staff members, we will ask that person for your personalised password (given on registration forms) upon arrival.

It is unusual for a child not to settle. The excitement of new surroundings and playing with other children usually helps to settle a child quickly.

If we have any concerns about your child settling, we will always discuss them with you. Equally, if you have concerns, please discuss them with us. Between us we can usually overcome any difficulties.

Yes, fees are payable for 52 weeks of the year. If, however, you give us four full weeks’ notice, you will be given a 40% discount on your contracted hours for a block of two weeks against a booked family holiday. This can only be taken as two full weeks or two one-week holidays.

If the contracted hours fall on days we are closed, eg, Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day, you will be charged as normal BUT you can swap to another day within the same week. If you have any questions regarding hours, please do not hesitate to email the team at

Fees are paid one month in advance at the beginning of each month (booked days must be paid for in advance). We will also accept weekly payments but this must also be paid in ADVANCE of the childcare received. The nursery would prefer payments made via online banking using BACS/Faster Payments; we accept Tax Free Childcare payments and any employer voucher schemes as well as cash at the setting.

Funded hours for 2 year olds with a code starting TYF878 can use funded hours between 9.30am – 2.30pm. Other eligible 2, 3 & 4 year olds with codes starting 500… or 501… can use funding during the hours of 8.00am – 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. Any other hours outside of this will be chargeable at the age-related fee. No funded hours are available to use on bank holidays.

Yes, we prepare fresh meals daily and these must be booked in advance. There are occasional times when we do have a Packed Lunch Week if our cook is on annual leave and you will need to provide a packed lunch for your child. We do not have hot lunches on any bank holidays.

Yes, if it is a special celebration such as your child’s birthday. At other times, we would ask that you consult a member of staff before doing so in order to ensure that no child is given access to any food or sweets that might do them harm. If you do choose to bring a birthday cake in for your child to share, please ensure it is shop bought & still sealed within the original packaging and not homemade for health and safety reasons.

YES! EVERYTHING!  Although staff will do their best to keep all your child’s clothing separate, there are times when it can get mixed up with others, especially if they are duplicate items. If it is labelled, it enables us to quickly identify it and return to you.

In an emergency, we will hold staff on to look after your child. It is vital that you alert us to your problem ASAP so that we can make timely arrangements. Any extra time will be charged at £5.00 for the first half an hour, then in 15 minute increments at the usual hourly rate.

The nursery will advise you as to what is needed. It is normally restricted to personal items, such as nappies, wipes, cream, change of clothing, sun protection cream, etc.

Yes, if your child receives any injury, no matter how minor, you will always be told. All injuries are recorded on an accident form and will identify the accident, the injury, what treatment was carried out and the staff member dealing with it. You will be asked to sign that you have seen the entry and that you are content with how the matter was handled.

It is possible to change your child’s attendance pattern, provided we have a permanent vacancy on the days you require. Please do this by email to

To help us meet your needs, we ask that a minimum of four weeks’ notice is given of any requested change. If in the event that this is not possible, please speak to us ASAP.

Due to staff rotas and child ratios, we cannot swap days for your child. This is a very strict procedure and no exceptions will be made unless the circumstances are seen as extreme, in which case changes to days can be discussed under the discretion of the owner.

Yes, and parents are most welcome to see them. Please ask the childcare manager.

You can expect the nursery to carry out its duties in a highly professional manner. For your child to be cared for by a staff member who has a love of children and for the care to take place in an environment that is both stimulating and safe. You can also expect that your child’s emotional, physical and development needs will be catered for in a sensitive and caring manner.

Information is treated as highly confidential and will only be used to assist in the care of your child. It is vital for your child’s wellbeing that your emergency contact details are kept accurate and up to date. Your records are not shared or shown to any other party and when you leave the nursery they will be destroyed after a set period of time.

Yes, fees are due for their usual contracted hours as staff will have been arrranged in advance for all children who appear on the daily register. Swaps or amendments to any hours can only be arranged if there is space available and only when giving four weeks’ notice.

We have a Parent App that is activated upon enrolment…this is where you can view their progress through observations and photos of your child during their time at Nursery as well as a Daily Diary, invoices, payments or bookings and reports like accident or medicine forms. We actively encourage parents to post their own photos and comments on any ‘WOW!’ moments at home, for example: first steps; riding their bicycle; catching and throwing a ball; completing a jigsaw puzzle; taking safe risks on play equipment at the park; mark-making; counting; writing their name…these are all big milestones in your child’s life!  

From 1st April 2024, there is a daily charge for all funded children of £1.00 per booked day to cover the cost of snacks and any other consumables needed, in order to deliver high quality early education. This will be outlined in the parent guide when you register your child with us. 

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