Main Room (2-11 yrs)

We are very proud to be the owners of the Ladybirds Day Nursery on Blakeshill road in landkey, Devon.

The building has a fine tradition of providing education to the local community having been built as a Wesleyan Methodist School in the mid 1800s. 

We acquired the building and site in spring 2006 and after 6 months planning and construction we opened in November of that year. We now have a total restored main building that maintains its grade 2 listed features and character but provides modern and spacious accommodation for our pre-school nursery.

Outdoor Play Area (Top half)

Main Room

Messy Area and Lunch Room

Outdoor play area (bottom quarter with soft surface)

The Unit has a high security access system that requires a coded fob or passcode to gain entry. It also has surveillance CCTV cameras inside and out that provide security for the children and staff.

Baby Room (0-2 yrs)

The baby room is a dedicated room and sleep room to accommodate up to 9 babies. The babies able to toddle about by themselves are able to access the main nursery to join in with the older children if they wish to do so.

The baby room has high quality surveillance CCTV cameras that provide security for the children and staff.